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RealStar Upendra’s New Venture

Posted on: August 3, 2009




upendra new film 1

upendra new film 2

upendra new film 3

This is Upendra’s new venture. The films title is not mentioned .Looking at the wallpapers one gets a feeling that the film may be titled SUPER.

Well All The Best Upendra Sir.

Every one is looking forward for this one.


113 Responses to "RealStar Upendra’s New Venture"

namaskar gurugale matte nivu direction madthaidira namage thumba kushiyagide .. gurugale give us gud movie i m waiting for u movie i hope u ll rock kannda filim industry..

uppi come fast i am waiting

When ur movie will release?
Who will be ur heroine in this movie?
Any bollywood heroines….Is it Aishwarya Rai?
What kind of is this… Is it like A,Upendra Om….

We are all waiting for this movie……….

Uppi Always & Always Rocks…!!!
A Biggest Fan of Uppi.. Rakesh Mangalore waiting here for Uppi’s Direction Movie..
After a huge suceess of Budhivantha We want Back with Bang iN Super Chihnne Film.. And also wishes for Rajani Movie..
“Sir Namma thale Halogodru parawagilla Nimma Yella Fil Superhit aagbeku ashte saaku..Guru
Reak star .. Suer star.. Uppi ki Jai….
@Raki dilse-9964215983.

Ha.. i forgot to say one imp thing..
That First time in Kannda Industry Director Going to tAKE A mOVIE WITH 4 LANGUAGE
Hats of Real star Uppi..
It’s a great reward to sandalwood..







upii anna is ONE AND ONLY……………………… just rocks dada………..

Just i cannot say anything……………………….. i can say just, ”wait and enjoy the celebration”


hi uppi.. ur talent is extrodinary. dont let your mind idle further.. we will miss that for sure. so plz be in touch with direction… we are eager to see that movie.. wish you a grand mega block buster success. rock the kannada screen as never before..

uppi sir.. till ur movie comes, i’ll never c kannada movies. this is my sware….

sir… plz reply.. who is music director, heroin,stunt master,etc. i’m waiting for ur FILM MUHURTHAM…..

i love ur direction

sirrrrr. v people needs your direction sirrr

For Kannada Industry looking askar award from ur direction. One and only possible by uppi.

Hii 2 all uppi fans out there……..finally the wait is over…uppi is back to direction..waiting very eagerly..batte harkondadru,thele mele thele bidru..1st day 1st show..not only 1st show..every show of that day..jaldi aa dina barlappa devre..good luck uppi..

Uppi sir pls listen, dont take this wrong way

Kannad Film industry yaake haalagide andre nimmantha talented persons acting maadta irodrinda.. Evaglu neevu direct maado film enadru bandre jana raatri full nightout maadi ticket tagontaare … Istondy craze hutso director kannada dalli yaaroo illa.. So please stop acting and start doing direction … Evattu kannada indusrty Top 2 top 3 barbeku andre neevu direct maadle beku … India dalli kannada enu antha gottagbeku andre film industry can play a major role… you see in Hindi indystry they always try to copy movie from Tamil or telugu , They thought sounth means only Tamil or telugu … If kannada Industry want to make a remark in India nemmantha janaru munde barbeku … I apologize all fans of Uppi and uppi for speaking like this.. But this is TRUE !!!

Howdhu gireesh nivu heelidhu 100 to 200 percent correct

hello sir im ur fan… i like ur acting,dialogues… sir i have done my film acting course… can u offer me with any roles???please do reply

In English……The wel never goes to thristy, thristy has to search the well, in Hindi…. Kuwan pyase ke pass nahi jataa, pyasa kuwen kay paas jata hai, its true and real fact……

hi uppi sir , all are waiting for super movi plz make it fast , may again it will hype ur name in sandlewood ,

creat a new history film
kannadas super super film
film is totaly different

take chandini and do a movie again. it will click…. its like again ‘A’ …Guys do so much for love but ultimately its as uppii says super!!!!!!!!!!! that is ultimate… anything u do ultimately super! with fingers folding and three other fingers up…. rock it … ITS A pain towards my one way love …….

IF U LUV SUM1 bcoz u think that he r she is really gorgeous, dont its not luv its Infactuation.
If u luv sum1 u think that u shouldn’t leave him her becoz of others think that u shouldn’t , dont its not luv its Compromise.
if u luv sum1 bcoz u cant leave herr her thainkin that it would hurt his r her feelings, dont its not luv its charity.
if u luv sum1 bcoz u share everthing with hin dont its not love its freiend ship. BUt if u feel the pain of other person that’s love.
UNDRSTAND wot is luv before falling into luv.

Keep this one as concept….

u r correct brother i understend u r opinion iam also same thinking

summane yaake bande

uppi ginta ruchi bere illa waa,m being waiting 4 tis movie……..

Upendra has to stop acting in remake movies , it is not for real talented person. Need to choose good stories.
Upendra directions are super. Its a long break ..pls start your Surya get up (A) once again .
kannada industries needs you. I hope We enjoy your new movie .

hi uppi am waiting your movi pl bega madu you number 1 direction Kannad Film industry ninna mude yaru ila

thats right man

hey dont worry uppi boss will give good movie if he direct.

we are all waiting for his movie.

dont keep too expectation that upendra only told .
i will do my best if any mistake please ignore]

uppi ginta director illa

oppikondoru dadarala

hi, being realising in 4 languages

it is 100% sure that Aishwaryarai is acting in this movie.

because 1st time in kannada the kannada movie is going in hindi

uppi anna, nanu nimma thumba dodda fanu, nim kandre nange thumba eshtha. niv act madiro yella film nu nanu nodi dini.adre ond math yel thini daya vitu thap tilkobedi, daya vitu nive direct mado film ge mathra hero aggi. this is my sincier request.

gurugale yene agli ondu big bang movie kodi gurugale

I am keenly waiting for your next directorial movie. It’s challenge to meet the expectations of the move-goers. They expect a typical Uppi movie. All the best.

dear upendra sir your genius, a quote for you

A talent does what he can do,

A genius does what he must do.

real star of kannada industry is back…………..

hi upendra iam wating for u r movie

uppi rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hii Boss, there is no one to challenge u in kannada industry, in direction r in acting…….

we all the BOY”S r waiting for ur direction cap on ur head….
so please …… we known that u’ll give a SUPER movie..

i am fed up of watching kannada movies…
all the movies which is hitting the screens are just useless..
brainless directors are entering into the industry…….
i need a different package of entertainment from you…….
i am not request….
its my demand..
jai karnataka……

all the best

guru nimminda mele bandu life nalli settle agi, nimge shed hoditiro kanji peenji galigella neevu enu anta prove modoke olle chance guru, film release madodu late adru parwagilla super agi barli guru, nim mele kotyantara kannadigara ashirwada, haraike idde ide, e film inda telugu, hindi, tamil elru ashirwada, haraike sigutte ok, evattina paper nalli hosabarige chance kodlikke invite madidira nim uddesha chennagide, best of luck uppi………….. nim film nalli nammanta fans espect madodu super agiro dialogue adanna nevu kodi ok gud luck….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uppi great fan Harish :9620884994

uppi i think u will make a history in kannada cinema

Super upendra .You should be always super
Oppikondoru dadarala

well come to comeback to ur line i wish u all the best to ur next film.. im ur big fan i want to meet u once in my life time..

Anna, Kaidu kaidu saaakagoythu, kadegu manasu maadidyalla saaku bidu. I am just waiting for that moment when you enter the screen with SUPER movie and all people shout and enjoy, just waiting for the day to see that no other language film gets theatre in any part of karnataka just because of your movie, just waiting for the day where your movie tickets will get sold before 20 days in Block………………………All your fans expectations are toooooooooooooooooooooooo hihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggg. Rock again. Show what is kannada film Industry to other dirty language film makers. Chakde Uppi ……………………….

hi uppi ..
nanu nimma dhodda fan,
nimma mundhina picture super yavag baruthe.

HIii Upendra here greatest fan jst i wanna wish u loads of lck t ur new movie i hope it may bcm remarkble film in Indian film Industry all d Best …..

Hiiii,,, UPPI I am a childhood fan to yar, i had watched u r film from “Tharle Nan maga ” to “Raktha Kanneeru” of u r direction , so now i am eager to watch forthcoming film of u r direction. Why u wer like a dump till these days with out directing & scripting, when u people are back then broots will come & aquire our kannadigas heart with rubbish films, So i am requesting to u & all film industry people, allways do experiment in stories must be different topic, & u must not stop u r direction….. And one more thing when u people give us a good film why we r go and watch other language films,, So work hard & take the good result Best of luck…………….

u r the who created a new history in kannada film industry……
i am expecting so sooon, come and rock in our heart

all the best…….


Hand Symbol tells Void i guess??



Ega baruttiruva nimma direction movie inda tumba khushiyagide… nannolagina santosha tsunami yante …..tadedukollalagade…
nanna hrudaya vila vila endu……..bahala enne hodedavana prajneyamte…….
ninna a film na wallpapers kanda kshanave……. nanna taleyolage 1 laksha watts nashtu power charge agi nanna kanninda idee jagattige aguvashtu ase horahommuttide………

ene adaru ninna a film idee film industry yalle ondu hosayuga avatarisali……… hageye namage ninna meliruva huchu nijavgiso maraayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………….

idu………………. ganga mattu sathyana shvasa kanappa….. swamy…

barappaaa baaa begaaaaaaaa namma munde………….
kaytaaa iddeeeevi……………………… baaaa

nanu give us such a movie tat it should make whole world know tat Kannada industry has the best director in world………nanu(uppi) rocks………….

film super guru, super duper hit

when it release? what its name?

en guru… hing kelbitte.?? superrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish u all the best for your next directorial movies ……
I hope to come back SURYA in & as

i satisfied about images of super movie.. and also am waiting for movie..
we expecting extraordinary action, music.all and all..
don’t disappoint to us..all the best..

sir i was attended u r birthday function.. in u r home at night 12am..
it’s kiran Ramachari(kantha) friend

i am not getting words, plz give us the best……..

just show wat a kannidaga can do.

all the best….


Just i cannot say anything……………………….. i can say just, ”wait and enjoy the celebration”

very much intersted and waiting guru……

more than expectations… it is now upto u uppi sir to go another level of film making…make entire karnataka proud… i know u will never disappoint film fraternity and fans around the world…. see to that ur movie reaches the world… wish u all the best…


Prapancha heegekide annodakkinta prapancha heegeke irbardu ?annone nijavagi gellodu……..
uppi sir, your life should be your message.
god bless u …..
111 koti bharatiyariyaralli obba uppi……………………………..!

uppi gintha director illa kantha!!!!!!!!!!! i think itwill will record make record in film industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sir, am ur biggest fan sir , i want see ur direction movie . . .

ಉಪ್ಪಿಗಿಂತ ರುಚಿ ಬೇರೇ ಇಲ್ಲ, ಉಪ್ಪಿ ಡೈರೆಕ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡದ ಮೂವಿ ಕಿಕ್ಕ್ ಇಲ್ಲ.

ನಾನು ನಿಮ್ಮ ಅಬಿಮಾನಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ದಿರೆಕ್ಟ್ಶಿನ್
ಮೂವಿ ಗಾಗಿ ಕಾಯುತಿದ್ದೆ ಈಗ ತುಂಬಾ ಕುಶ್ ಆಗಿದೆ



uppi super good luck

Hi friends,

Uppi is back on track………let’s what’s going to happen….we are waiting your…SUPER movie……………..with 9tara….ALL the best to UPPI….

super super super uppi…………………!

sir eagerly waiting for ur movie. all the best sir…

uppi u r the number one in the world ,,,,be fast

we friends are blind fans of uppi
so your film should super for todays life
thanks guru

super guru super
all the best

hi uppi …. we r all wait for ur movies …………

Arre Bhai!! Eh!! enagthide, kannada industry ge, what is this it is in Utter mess and in a pity state, Raj & Vishnu zamana Mugiyithu.
Except for some occassional freshness/ super shows and mesmerizing
Performances from guys like Kiccha Sudeep, Dynamic Devaraj or dynamic Kishore(Duniya fame) or Rangayana Raghu. Wheras rest of the state movies including Hindi are experimenting great ideas and making innovative movies.. Namma Illi bari Kompe Rowdyism, macchu kocchu avnayyan avnakkan Films gala attahasa. Intha meter illada cinema mandi inneneu kodalikke sadhya anna.. Bari adhe kalasu melogara Rowdy, gandu filmgalu.. Antisocials na blow up madi toristare!!Thith therikke
Namma hemmeya kanasugara the dynamic, visionary whiz kid Shankara(Nag) iddidre kannada chitra rangada katheye bere irthitthu alva…But now there is hope in form of Uppi dada, bcoz namma kannada chitra rangadalli hosa aleyannu shrishti madiddu Ibbare ondhu Maverick PUTTANNA KANAGAL mathhe innondhu namma UPPI.. Hence Uppi project Gellali endhu haraisona, namma kannadada keerthi pathake matthu Sadhane ellede haradali endhu bayasuve…
Ok na !! so Ella Ok adre somberithana, Easy life Yake.. GOD IS GREAT

WooooW!! N1 comment rockx 🙂 kannadiga~

s……….u………….p…………..e…………..r uppi
u r rock

hi uppi i am big fan of u i wanna see ur film super come fast and rock …super starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr********************

upppe guru supeer ok leta yake

The only hero after shankarnag is non other Real Don Mr Uppi boss…….. all the best god bless

super fim symbol is very rocking and we are waiting for the release

Hi Folks,

Myself and my friends are watching upendra very closely from past 12 years and we have Upendras Fans Association ( Srirampuram) – It was ” The Fans Club” during Upendra’s Stint as an actor.
Based on my understanding considering the facts and talks with his close ones , the so calles ” SUPER ” movie which the Real Star is directing is going to be the bench mark in the industry and change the trends of the movies and movie watchers for sure.
U – Ultimate
P – Powerful
E – Energetic
N – Number 1
D – Director &
R – Realistic
A – Actor

Uppi will create an History in the film industry ( We ” our Fans Club” waiting to get active again with althose Big star placed @ Narthaki for Superstar , 35 feet Banner placed @ Santosh for Hollywood, personalized banners and cutouts placed @ Kapali & Narthaki for Nagarahaavu and Naanu Naane respectively and much more….)

Join me friends to make this movie a remarkable history in the books of film industry

With all love
98443 85954

Hai Uppi Daada…………….,
What’s Up Dude?
ohhhhhh , Vat a style maaaaaaaaam,
like an hollywood actor………
anna kannada super star enda movie thooo world super star aipoodsalsinde……….


hai uppi i am great fan of plz make dis movie as much earlier don make us 2 wait plz we r waitind i luv u uppi

Hai uppi nimma supper film yavaga relise madthira nanu nimma yella film nodiddene

uppi sir ur the only hope of the kannada industry all dabba making now in kannada pls save our indurstry from ur direction side actorgallella herogalagi bittu nam industryna haal madtha idhare wastebodygalella direction madtha idare pls mega hit movie kodi all time record agbeku nimma prathibe pradarshana madi mattomme upendra yaru enu anta prove madi NOW OUR INDUSTRY IN UR HANDS PLS SAVE OUR KANNADA FILM INDUSTRY from ;MANDYA PEOPLES

Hello sir, niv matthe direction madtha irodu nanage thumba santhosh with kannada industry ge one olle Name barutte i’m sure and please yearlly one one film direct madi please please please its my humble request please don’t break : Chandu (9986882832) :

kannada nanna jeeva

The Symbol stands for “Vitarka Mudra”. It doesn’t mean Super. Though it is used to mention it that way… Vitarka Mudra means Teaching, Giving Instruction, Reason. Used by BUDDHA. We can get to see in many Idols and Pictures of Buddha. Sitting under a Banyan tree preaching. Well whatever it is i’m expecting this movie to be more advanced than “A” and “Upendra”. After 10 long years Uppi is back as Director. All the best Uppi…

nice thinking smart comment!!!

AM really waiting for this uppi’s new movie,, hate its good…kannada nanna jeeva…

hai uppi boss we always waiting for your new movie please complete fastly

me too waitnig for this movie

brother u r the king……i’m waiting like a mad guy of your new directional movie……..u r the god……………

To, Dear, Uppi sir we like u a lot. I think so we are the greatest fans for u in this world. My friends everyone likes u a lot.we wish u ur all films to be THE GREAT in this world.

super upi………..

hai uppi how r u i am big fan in india i am waiting for your super movi………………………………………….

upi i am working in MNC(US) COM. In my pc background uppi phote, everyday almost 1 hour i will spend your songs,wallpapers,news about you i am big fan .
in office my friends rag a super………

Anna Yen posters guru,

Namaste anna, Prati sala neenu market ildaaga hosa mal sigutte, hosa ruchi torstya, 10 varsha dinda bari romance nodi nodi bejaar aagide, super aagiro nin style film na bega kodanna, nodi seeti hodiyana

Uppiginta Ruchi Bere Illa..
Guru tadavaagi bandru adavaagi barli.

Uppi Sir,As you said miracle are not made they happen. I’m expecting this movie should have more kirik…more than “A” and “Upendra”. 10 varsha gala nanthara nimma movie … kaitha idivi.

Dear uppi bro i m nt say anything…………. i m only waiting for your directed movies which are not created stories they are the original stories what actually happening every were but no one accept even though after realizing the fact.but you are the person only express the things in big screen to all, that don’t hide any thing inside express the wat actually you are feeling……… this is also realized by me after started seeing your directed movies.. hats of to you sir

iam a big fan of upendra every day i use to see upendra movies my character is also like upendra in upendra movie????????

Hello uppi m vishwa m ur one of biggest fan in Gadag district nd nw m waitin for up new movie when dat will release atleast release audio soon

hi uppi guru,

namskara guru,i saw Ur movie from om onwards,that time i was not known much abt u,but wen u directed the film A , i became fan of u guru………

yella movie nodidini……all are super movies……i m waiting for ur directed super movie and songs…..

1st day 1st show i will be there in theatre to watch this movie……

super movie will be mega hit and should break all records compare with others film industries……

yours faithfully



Hai uppi dear. . . . my name is pravin from dharwad. . . how r u. . . now time is 3.16. . . thursday. . now i am watching your movie OMKARA. . . .

Uppi i like you very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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